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Rinna Ly

Nude Model
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Name Kateryna Ly
Alias Rinna, Rinaalyys
Age 25
Boob Size Medium
Height Petite
Body Type Slim


Hi, my name is Rinna Ly. Now I am a model, but I really like sewing, so I attend sewing courses. I want to become a designer. I was born and raised in Ukraine, among forests and fields. I can call myself a woman of nature. I speak fluently in Ukrainian and Russian, a little in English. Also, I really like to give people smiles. I believe that a sincere smile can make the day better. Sometimes I'm a little infantile, but it's more fun to live like this. I used to study graphic design, so I can probably say that my whole life is connected with creativity. I have always drawn and made figures from clay. I like reading very much, sometimes I am even addicted to reading. I love being a model! I would like to work with some wonderful photographers, artists who create wonderful works, and most importantly, they love what they do

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